Feeling confused in your job search or career path? Select one of the following programs to get you on track and contact me get started!

Résumés/Cover Letters/LinkedIn Profiles
Looking to focus on your career marketing materials? You’re covered here at The Job Quest. Through a customized process, we’ll share the stories of your career and hone in on the unique value that you bring to your profession to create materials that will put you head and shoulders above the rest!

Early Professional
For new graduates and individuals with up to 7 years of experience.


Mid-Level Professional
Appropriate for non-manager professionals with 8+ years experience.

COVER LETTER: $115-125

Management/Career Changers
Suitable for supervisors/managers and those moving from one field to another.

COVER LETTER: $140-150

Executive Level
Crafted for upper management/VPs/C-Suite.

COVER LETTER: $175-200

*Each level includes initial consultation with Melissa and ASCII conversion for résumé.

**Investment varies from client to client. Discounts with bundled services may be applied. Please contact Melissa for a customized quote.

Interview Preparation

  • I’ve heard that I’m supposed to focus more on the company’s needs when I am in an interview, but don’t they want to find out about me?
  • I get so nervous when I go to interviews! How do I get over that?
  • Some of the questions they ask are so hard. What should I say?

Job interviewing certainly doesn’t make many “Top 10 Favorite Activities” lists. While getting that prized call from HR is a cause for celebration, there is so much anxiety connected with it. Yes, candidates know all about themselves, but many feel unsure about how to talk about their career stories in a job interview. Working with Melissa will minimize that fear and uncertainty!

The Interview Preparation program includes:

  • A customized set of questions for your mock interview
  • 30-minute mock interview with Melissa
  • 20-minute oral review of Melissa’s comments and observations/strategy session to strengthen areas of weakness
  • Written copy of Melissa’s comments and observations

Investment: $195
*Additional mock interview sessions (30-minute mock interview, 20-minute review and strategizing, and a written copy of Melissa’s comments) may be purchased for $110 per session

Online Personal Branding

  • How can I figure out where to go next in my career?
  • I’ve heard of “personal branding” and know it’s important, but I’m not sure what it is or how to go about building it for myself!
  • Ugh! With all the people I’m talking to, the information is getting mixed up! How can I keep it all straight?
  • I know what I want to do with my career and what I’m supposed to do to have a strong brand, but it’s a mish-mash when I try to put it into practice. I need help!

If you’ve been asking these questions, choose this program to help you turn it around! Pulling all the pieces together so you can sizzle is what it’s all about! Melissa will guide you through the process of figuring out what matters most to you, and developing your stories to convey those ideas (your “brand”) so that you stand out at your next interview/networking event.

This program includes:

  • Identifying core values
  • Clarifying your purpose and vision
  • Reviewing three (3) of your online career marketing materials (your choice of: one Twitter feed, one LinkedIn profile, one Pinterest account*, two pages of a blog/website) to detect inconsistencies**
  • Singling out accomplishments and crafting powerful stories to showcase your talents and successes
  • Implementing those accomplishments and stories into your chosen marketing materials to form a singular, strong brand
  • Devising strategies to demonstrate in an interview how you are the solution to the needs of a potential employer
  • Empowering you with tactics to create opportunities to develop warm networking contacts, both online and offline

Investment: $775
*Up to 12 boards and/or 125 pins.
**Substitutions/additions of materials can be made for a customized investment. Please contact Melissa directly to discuss.

Career Coaching
Do you find yourself saying, “What opportunities related to my career path am I missing?” or “I try to set goals, but they always fall apart! What do I need to do to reach them?”

Trying to critically analyze your own career path can feel like an exercise in futility. This program will allow you to gain insight into the stumbling blocks that have kept you from succeeding and better understand the process that will help you succeed now and in the future!

Four (4) one-hour sessions will include:

  • Exploring internal and external factors related to your desired path
  • Setting personalized goals
  • Devising a specific action plan to reach the desired goals

After the four sessions, we will schedule a fifth 60-minute follow-up session one month after completing action plan to see what’s working and what needs to be tweaked*

Investment: $425
*Additional sessions may be purchased at the hourly rate of $75

If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact me! We can work together to create a custom package that meets your needs.

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