On the Web & Media

Here’s a few other places I’ve been interviewed, written posts, and been quoted!

In the media:

Today’s Talk 1490 – Radio guest on BS with Bob Schmidt, 2012, 2013, 2014

Gannett Newspapers – Prepare Good Questions for Your Interviewer

On the web:

The Daily Muse – 10 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Monster.com – 6 Ways to Spot a Bad Employer Before It’s Too Late

Dice.com – Five Ways to Ruin Your Job Search

Quintessential Careers – New Grads: Is This Triple Whammy Keeping Your From Being Hired? Here’s How it Mitigate It.

Monster/Yahoo! – 6 Things to Take Off Your Resume Today

The Voice of Jobseekers podcast – Job Interviewing Best Practices

Pongo Blog – Job Search Need Some GAS? Try Personal Branding and The Reality of Hiring a Career Professional

myFootpath – Education: a Lifelong Endeavor

Tim’s Strategy – Should Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile be Carbon Copies? and The Reality of the Ongoing Job Search (& 4 Steps to Prepare for It)

e-Career Coach – Give Your Job Search Some GAS (audio)

The Undercover Recruiter – Personal Branding: Blending In to Stand Out

City Sylvester – The Branding Story: Melissa Cooley

JobMob – How to Deal with Good Friends Who Send Bad Job Listings

Altaee Blog – Brand Conversation with Melissa Cooley

Personal Branding 101 by Ryan Rancatore – Giving Up Center Stage for Effective Personal Branding and Enough with the Apologies – You’re Killing Your Brand!

Working Girl – 4 Reasons to Hit the Books while Job Hunting

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