Now on YouTube

Well, it was something that I figured should happen at some point, and Heather Coleman of the Ferndale Career Center (FCC) got me off my rear gave me the project I needed to get on YouTube. She had sent a message to a number of us earlier in the week asking for videos to support […]

On Being Different

The following video is a promotion for Different, the new book by Youngme Moon. The book sounds like a fascinating read that questions all the claims made by companies and brands about their uniqueness. In today’s job market, it is just as easy to substitute the words “job seeker” for “business.” Let’s think about this […]

"Did You Know 4.0?"

This is a cool video that provides statistics about technology, the rise in social media, and how we get information. All of this is very important to job seekers for a few reasons: These changes affect the means by which companies obtain information about job candidates and make hiring decisions. Job seekers are expected to […]

In Need of a Humor Break

Job searching can be serious stuff, so sometimes a little bit of levity is called for here at The Job Quest. I found this short YouTube video, an ad for a staffing agency in South Africa. Showing enthusiasm during an interview is important. But, as this video shows, jumping on a couch won’t necessarily convey […]

Social Media Blues

While I continue to work out a few computer changeover kinks, I’ll leave you with a video called “Social Media Blues.” Just a bit of fun before we get to Monday.

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