"Job Fit Should be the Goal"

I read an awesome post over on TalentedApps called Promotions and Job Fit. The post set forth the concept that job fit, not promotion, should be what people ought to strive for in terms of work fulfillment (hence the title of today’s post here). As it usually is with me, I thought of the post’s […]

False Job References

There are companies that will (for a fee) pretend to be former employers and provide references? Seriously!? It was a long time before I could pick my jaw off my keyboard after reading about this. This is just unconscionable, unscrupulous, despicable… for both the companies that provides the service and the people who use them. […]

What's Your Message?

I read a recent post from Brand Curve entitled “Cultivating Your Personal Brand.” This post applies directly to job seekers. While the points it makes about a website or blog may not pertain to everyone, the idea of having consistent messaging does. When writing cover letters and résumés or when going on interviews, you are […]

The Value of Volunteering

What are you doing to get a job? I’m sure that many of the answers include: updating the résumé; contacting references; checking newspapers, job boards, etc. for job postings; reconnecting with current and past contacts for job leads; and preparing for interviews. Don’t get me wrong, those are all integral to any job search.  There’s […]

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