The Reality of the Ongoing Job Search (& 4 Steps to Prepare for It)

“We were trained to finish our homework, our peas and our chores. Today, we’re never finished, and that’s okay.” ~Seth Godin, Dancing on the edge of finished In his post, marketing expert and author Seth Godin was talking about the continual stream of work that awaits us. We’re never “done” with anything. There’s always more […]

Is Your Résumé a Clunker?

Our new refrigerator was delivered yesterday, and it was definitely time for the change. The old unit had been in place before we bought our house eight years ago, and it was apparent back then that it was not a new appliance. And now, both the refrigerator and freezer doors sagged about a quarter-inch, the […]

Using 5S for a Stand-Out Résumé

Like many couples, my husband and I talk about our respective fields a great deal. Quite often, he’ll throw out some terminology specific to his field of industrial management, and I’ll inquire to its meaning (being the curious type that I am). I end up learning many new things, really. One such conversation we had […]

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