Preparation Is the Key to Mastery of Your Career Story

Tom Peters, the author and speaker who (according to his Twitter bio) has been “labeled the Red Bull of management thinking,” put up a tweet a couple months ago that has stuck with me: Mr. Peters thought is one that connects with a previous post, in which I talked about preparation as “allow[ing] you to […]

Networking: How to Engage People and Keep Them Excited

This recent video by Tom Peters is awesome in its simplicity for engaging people: If you are a job seeker, this is an important concept for you because you need to have an engaged network to have it truly working well for you. You want them to care about how things are going for you; […]

06/11/2010 #FF — Personal Branding

The #FollowFriday post today is going to put the spotlight on a couple people who really know what personal branding is and how to do it well. The content they provide is truly top-notch and they really get a person thinking about how they approach their career, their business, even their life. Tom Peters (@tom_peters) […]

Questions, Questions…

Tom Peters is amazing.  He has such a great way of cutting through the stuff that you think is getting in your way and drives right at the heart of the matter.  Watch this amazing video — it’s only 90 seconds, but WOW, does he pack a lot of ideas in it! Everything that he […]

Reactions to Your Mistakes Speak Louder than Original Mistakes

This is a great video from Tom Peters about what can really be the cause of problems: He cites a few examples of people who tried to hide their mistakes and how the attempted cover-ups led to more problems. Mr. Peters advice when you mess up is to “[m]ake those responses positive, quick, and overwhelming.” […]

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