Personal Branding: Blending In to Stand Out

On a trip to the mall, I saw two young ladies who obviously had coordinated their wardrobes that morning. That fact was rather apparent due to their blindingly white knee-high leather boots and matching white leather purses. They did make a bit of a statement there. It got me thinking about personal branding, job hunting, […]

06/04/2010 #FF — These Folks Have What You Need

Looking to do a blog as part of your job search or personal branding? In need of some great information to help you as you try to figure out your career path? Look no further than this week’s #FollowFriday honorees! Emily White (@emilyblogfairy) Emily is the person responsible for the great design work on this […]

05/07/2010 #FF — New Connections

Twitter is such an amazing tool for fostering connections. While it may be tempting (and quite easy) to stay within a small group of people once you get going with a couple hundred followers, it’s good to look beyond that circle to see who else of value is out there. Not that you should abandon […]

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