Diversifying Your Network of Supportive People

Jake LaCaze posted on Facebook this really interesting TED video by Derek Sivers: The concept put forth here is certainly thought-provoking. If a person is all talk and no action, that appears to prove the point that telling people your goals will make you less likely to actually carry them out. That doesn’t do you […]

Four Reasons Why Focusing on Goals Leads to Failure

Have you visited TED.com lately? In addition to all the insightful presentations that are part of the TED Conferences, they are now including talks from other conferences. I came across this gem — a presentation that Srikumar Rao gave at Arbejdsglaede Live in 2009. It’s entitled “Plug into Your Hard-Wired Happiness” and is definitely worth […]

Show Me the Money?

Dan Pink gave a brilliant talk at TEDGlobal 2009 on the study of motivation. In it, he spoke about the paradox that exists when you offer financial incentives as a means to improve performance. You would think that the promise of money would encourage most individuals to do better. The reality is that, when creativity […]

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