What If Your Plans Don’t Work? Don’t Stop!

In my last post, I channeled the words of my father — “Don’t quit your job until you have another one.” In general, I think that’s sound advice. Having a plan in place gives you peace of mind to keep that forward momentum going in your career. Whether you are going to another job, ramping […]

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Being stuck in the midst of a layoff is a rough spot to be in. There’s the whole laundry list of advice that you’re supposed to follow (Note: not in order of importance): Get your résumé in shape Connect with your network Attend events to grow your network Clean up you online presence Develop you […]

Best-Laid Plans…

You know how it goes when you have an idea in your mind of how the day should go. Oh, how much you’re going to accomplish on your job search! You’ll make important contacts, you’ll craft inspiring cover letters, you’ll devise answers to the hardest questions that will leave your interviewers in awe! And then… […]

The Restorative Effects of Treating Yourself

“Mommy, can you put fingernail polish on my nails? Please?” my four-year-old daughter implored. “Sure, honey,” I replied. I was rather preoccupied with other things, but she wanted this simple thing so badly that I couldn’t say no. With that, we were off to play “Beauty Shop.” While I put the red polish on her […]

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