Think Your Job is Killing You? It Actually Could Be.

Fellow career pro Holly Reslink recently shared an article from Huffington Post that talked about how people are less likely to die from second-hand smoke than from some stressors that arise from work. That is a sad commentary on what our careers have become: work can now be considered a bigger threat to our livelihood […]

10 Ways to Plan Ahead to Reduce Interview Stress

In-person job interviews are stressful, and the fear that something will go wrong increases that stress. But with a little planning, you can handle some of those issues with ease so they don’t take you off-track. 1. Try on your interview clothes the week before the interview. If you are just embarking on a job […]

Keep Smiling!

I came across an interesting article on the benefits of smiling. It listed 15 reasons why smiling is good for you. Here’s a few of them that apply to job hunting: “Smiling makes us attractive.” Put yourself in the shoes of an interviewer for a moment. What would you think about a candidate who did […]

One Reason Change is Stressful (and How to Manage It)

Change is stressful. But why is that? One reason for the stress is because, so often, the response to change is reactionary. Something happens; we react, many times right away. The thing is — being reactionary is not a power position. It is a defensive action that puts you at a distinct disadvantage and has […]

Stress on the Job Hunt

Dan Rockwell wrote a post that talks about four causes of leadership stress. Those four stressors relate quite well to job seeking and career management, as well. 1.“Living out of synch with who you are.” There’s been considerable discussion on my blog about being authentic, particularly when it comes to personal branding. If you try […]

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