Three Reasons to Use Lists on Your Résumé

When you take a look at blog posts on a variety of topics, you may notice something: a significant number of the titles indicate that there is some type of list that can be found within the context of the post. That’s not just an anomaly. Readers gravitate to lists for a variety of reasons: […]

5 Ways to Stand Out from the ATS

So you decided to hire a career professional to put together a stellar résumé. It looks sharp and you are certain that, once it gets into the hands of decision makers, companies will be clamoring to talk with you! But then, company after company uses a dreaded online application form — the ATS (applicant tracking […]

Don’t Keep Your Amazingness a Secret!

Yesterday was my daughter‘s spring concert at her school. I looked at the program, and on tap for the preschool and kindergarten segment was “Six Little Ducks” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I immediately made assumptions about what that would entail — the typical children’s songs and actions to accompany them. “Six Little Ducks” was everything […]

Stand Out, but Fit In, Too

My five-year-old daughter loves all the books she has in the Pinkalicious series. The most recent one she received is Purplicious. As the main character’s name denotes, Pinkalicious loves the color pink. But as the book Purplicious starts, many of Pinkalicious’ classmates start to reject her for her color choice. Undaunted, she writes in her […]

Even If You Think It’s Too Late, Send a Thank You Letter

A couple weeks ago, Candice Mitchell tweeted me, asking about the window of opportunity for sending a thank you letter after an interview. Upon further inquiry, I found out it had been a week since her interview. A week, in terms of a hiring schedule, can go either way. Some companies move quite quickly after […]

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