Illogical Arguments Don’t Make a Bad Job Search Strategy Better

I’ve spoken before about my dislike of the spray and pray job search method. Do I think it should never, ever be done? Nah, I don’t like to say “never.” It can have a small role in a job seeker’s overall job hunt strategy; given the fact that, generally, no more than 20% of all […]

Don’t Outsource Your Career

Why is it, with something as important as a career, people are so willing to let others manage it? A post by Suzanne Lucas on BNET talked about services that will take your résumé and send it out to pretty much anything that is a remote match — basically taking a spray and pray approach […]

Getting to the Root Cause of Your Job Search Problems

Hearing my son say, “Mommy, I have bloody hands” wasn’t exactly a stress-free way to be woken up at 5:40 am. Seeing the lower half of his face and the cuffs of his pajamas coated in blood didn’t help to calm the thoughts racing in my head. Not to mention the drops of blood on […]

Do’s and Don’ts When Waiting for a Call

The worst part of a job hunt isn’t poring over your résumé to ensure there are no typos, nor is it sweating out a nerve-wracking job interview. It’s THE WAIT. You know, the lag times when nothing seems to be happening. You’ve either just sent out your résumé and now you are eagerly anticipating a […]

Is Your Campaign to Get a Job More Like a Slimy Sales Pitch?

“Sell yourself!” is advice that is often given to job seekers who want to know how to land the next job. To some extent that is true — there is a certain amount of hustle and self-promotion that is necessary in a successful job hunt. But I want you to consider the words of sales […]

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