03/19/2010 #FF — Honest Advice

There are many people on Twitter who give advice about the various aspects of the job search. The three people being featured today definitely don’t pull any punches. They stand behind what they say. That, in my opinion, is worth a lot. Gayle Howard Job seekers really need to follow Gayle. Her tweets never fail […]

On Being Different

The following video is a promotion for Different, the new book by Youngme Moon. The book sounds like a fascinating read that questions all the claims made by companies and brands about their uniqueness. In today’s job market, it is just as easy to substitute the words “job seeker” for “business.” Let’s think about this […]

Reactions to Your Mistakes Speak Louder than Original Mistakes

This is a great video from Tom Peters about what can really be the cause of problems: He cites a few examples of people who tried to hide their mistakes and how the attempted cover-ups led to more problems. Mr. Peters advice when you mess up is to “[m]ake those responses positive, quick, and overwhelming.” […]

What Impression Do You Make?

Over the weekend, I read a very moving eulogy on BusinessWorks…, a blog written by Hal Alpiar. The tribute is to a gentleman named Butch Taras. While no picture was provided, I felt as though I could “see” Butch. Here’s a snippet of the description provided: “…Butch was a leader through and through because he […]

A Sure-Fire Way to Stand Out on Twitter

Twitter is a pretty amazing tool for learning and for networking. But, it can also feel like a never-ending freight train roaring past as the information comes at such a frenetic pace! Twitter has been compared to a giant cocktail party, and you know how difficult it can be to hear and be heard at […]

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