Quality vs. Quantity

Which is the better chocolate fix: a lot of whatever cheap stuff they have at the local grocery store, or a few decadent truffles from an amazing chocolatier like The Chocolate Garden?* A few sweet treats from The Chocolate Garden always trump anything else that I can get around town because the quality is so […]

Why the Constant Talk on Personal Branding?

As you may have noticed, personal branding gets talked about here on The Job Quest. A lot. In reading Personal Branding: 2000 Years Old, More Important Than Ever Before, the reason why it is such a frequent topic was brought into sharper focus for me. The author of the post, Jake LaCaze, made many significant […]

So, You Want a Career in Public Relations?

Today, I have a guest post written by Lesly Cardec, Public Relations Manager for SFN Group, Inc. I had the good fortune of meeting Lesly on Twitter a few months ago and was thrilled when she took me up on my request to write for The Job Quest! If you have thought about a career […]

Regrowth and the Job Hunt

I have this plant in my house (have no idea of its name because I am horticulturally challenged) that has been really beautiful — big broad leaves of green and white, just full and lush. It was a little unruly as the stems grew and hung over the edges of the pot, but it was […]

Changing with the Times

Julie Walraven wrote a post last month about the importance of accessibility and how not being easy to reach could hurt your job search. It reflects badly on you if a prospective employer is trying to contact you (e.g. could raise red flags about your reliability), or, if you are working with a résumé writer […]

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