Consider Eliminating This Word from Your Resume

In writing a résumé, great care should be taken to ensure that the words chosen powerfully convey the value you have to bring to a prospective employer. Words and phrases that minimize the “punch” that your accomplishments make end up diminishing your document’s overall effectiveness. Many of my colleagues have eschewed the use of the […]

Using Your Resume to Earn a Promotion

At the beginning of the year, CareerBuilder released data from a survey that indicated that 21% of full-time employees would be looking to get a different job over the course of 2014. For some, this goal could be securing a job promotion after working in their chosen field for a time. If that describes you, […]

Nonprofits: Not Training Grounds for New Grads or Career Changers

Back when I was involved in nonprofit management, people would sometimes ask me, “So you do all this as a volunteer?” I would smile at them and say, “No, I am a paid professional.” Occasionally, that response garnered me a few odd looks. I could almost hear what they were thinking: “You don’t really need […]

Six Basics to Undertake During a Career Change

On one of the LinkedIn groups I belong to, a question was posted by someone who wants to move into a different career with a different industry. There are a lot of details that go into executing a successful career change plan, which can vary due to the particular situation. In answering the individual’s question, […]

Looking for a Job While Needing a Work Visa

A reader asks: “I am presently in the process of obtaining a spousal immigrant visa from Canada to the U.S. My next step in the process is my immigration interview at the US Consulate early next Spring 2011. My goal is to have a letter of employment that I may present at the time of […]

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