Top Priorities When Job Loss Enters the Picture

Priorities can get so completely messed up when job loss enters the picture. All too often, the fact that a person is now unemployed takes over everything. Don’t get me wrong — a job loss needs to be treated seriously, but the degree to which folks let it dictate their lives can be unhealthy. I […]

20 Ways to Handle Rejection

I am honored today to have a guest post by none other than Working Girl (aka author Karen Burns)! She shares with us 20 great tips on how to deal with the rejection that is a common part of the job hunt. Thanks, Karen! Looking for a job is a challenge, in so many ways. […]

The Restorative Effects of Treating Yourself

“Mommy, can you put fingernail polish on my nails? Please?” my four-year-old daughter implored. “Sure, honey,” I replied. I was rather preoccupied with other things, but she wanted this simple thing so badly that I couldn’t say no. With that, we were off to play “Beauty Shop.” While I put the red polish on her […]

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