Fake LinkedIn Invitations: An Update

Those scammers who are trying to sucker you with fake LinkedIn invitations are getting craftier (maybe it’s because they’ve read the original post I wrote last spring calling them out). Here’s an image of one of the new fake LinkedIn invitations that showed up in my inbox over the past week: And here is what […]

Don’t Be Duped by Fake LinkedIn Invitations

Scams that prey on job seekers are everywhere. Some that pretend to be legitimate organizations can be hard to detect. One I have been seeing quite a bit in my inbox recently is the fake LinkedIn invitation, so I wanted to take some time to address it. Below is a screen shot from a real […]

Measuring Job Hunt Success: The Unsolicited Call

While on Twitter last week, an interesting tweet by recruiter and social media strategist Steve Levy caught my eye: The first part of his tweet makes perfect sense and is something that I have talked about here, but the second part — the “unsolicited call” — intrigued me. So I asked Steve if he would […]

05/28/2010 #FF — @interview_ed!

Here is part two of my interview with Ed Finley (@interview_ed). You can read part one here. TJQ: What would be your dream job, Ed? Ed: Well, I’d love to get a job over at Google. Those guys always seem to be having a great time at work everyday, but I’ll tell ya, the interview […]

Five Reasons Auto-DMs Can Kill Your Personal Brand

It’s been interesting to read what people think about auto-DMs since my post on the topic. It’s been pretty much negative, and the comments have been retweeted many times over. If you are a job seeker, this post does pertain to you because you may be enticed by the ease of auto-DMs to use them […]

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