Looking at the Full Package for the Salary Range Question

When buying a car, do you just look at the amount of the monthly payment? In theory, you shouldn’t. You also may want to consider: the full sales price, the interest rate, the length of the loan, and the overall cost to you when that final payment is made. Of course, your decision is also […]

Discussing Salary: Dreams and Reality

You know you are going to have to talk about money at some point during the process (sometimes as early as when you are submitting application materials), but it always feels like an awkward dance where neither side wants to show too much for fear of exposing a vulnerability. As the job seeker, if you […]

Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiation is one area of the job hunt in which I have failed miserably. Many years ago, I was interviewing for an employment opportunity that I was very qualified for in both education and experience. The ad had listed a salary range for the position, with the upper part of the range being more […]

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