Lessons from Rejection

Rejection is something that goes hand-in-hand with having a career. It can be getting passed up for a job you applied to, losing out on that big promotion, having your proposal for the department shot down, or becoming unemployed (which isn’t always a rejection, but it feels like it is). Jeffrey Gitomer has some words […]

Four Reasons to Follow Up After Not Getting a Promotion

Getting kicked to the curb hurts, doesn’t it? No matter who is doing the rejecting of you, no matter the rationale (even if the person doing the kicking is completely right), it just makes you feel like: a) burying your head and having a full-blown pity party, or b) completely trashing the person with a […]

20 Ways to Handle Rejection

I am honored today to have a guest post by none other than Working Girl (aka author Karen Burns)! She shares with us 20 great tips on how to deal with the rejection that is a common part of the job hunt. Thanks, Karen! Looking for a job is a challenge, in so many ways. […]

Another Take on Not Getting a Job

Few job seekers are fortunate enough to land a job with the first company that calls for an interview. The lack of positive results can be very challenging to handle. Author Alison Green wrote an article entitled “How to Deal with Job Rejection,” and it contains some great advice that can help keep things in […]

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