Why “2 Years of Experience” Applies to Entry-Level Jobs

…and How It Helps Your Career At times, I have heard this lament from college students who are applying for jobs: “Two years’ experience required? But it’s an entry level position! How can they expect that?” Companies can and do expect experienced candidates right out of college because of internships. What was once considered an […]

5 Ways to Stand Out from the ATS

So you decided to hire a career professional to put together a stellar résumé. It looks sharp and you are certain that, once it gets into the hands of decision makers, companies will be clamoring to talk with you! But then, company after company uses a dreaded online application form — the ATS (applicant tracking […]

Seeing the Forest for the Trees on the Job Hunt

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that some “silver bullet” is going to be the answer to job seeking success. More often than not, job hunters think the big solution lies in a well-crafted résumé. “If only I had the perfect résumé,” they think, “I would be able to get a job […]

Do You Come Recommended?

A recent tweet by @WisconsinSEO said that “78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.” That seems right when you think about it.  How often do you consult online reviews before making a purchase such as a car or a computer?  Are you more willing to go to a restaurant after a friend raves about the food? The goal […]

False Job References

There are companies that will (for a fee) pretend to be former employers and provide references? Seriously!? It was a long time before I could pick my jaw off my keyboard after reading about this. This is just unconscionable, unscrupulous, despicable… for both the companies that provides the service and the people who use them. […]

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