A 10-Point Plan for Getting a Job When Moving

A reader writes in: “I am moving at the end of the month. What job search strategy do you suggest?” While not ideal, sometimes life circumstances dictate relocating and then finding a job. If you find yourself in this situation, here are ten tips to hit the ground running! 1. Make sure you change your […]

Selecting an Effective Recruiter

Today, we have Matthew Rineer, a recruiter with Provisions Group, LLC, as a guest blogger! He gives us the inside scoop about what job seekers should look for when making a decision to work with a recruiter. A job search can be frustrating — filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. Receiving a phone […]

Being Realistic When Working with Recruiters

On the Facebook page of The Job Quest, I posted a link to an article that talked about the fact that a recruiter is not on your “team” when you are looking for a job. One person commented: “[The recruiters] would bring me in to discuss a particular job and talk me up and tell […]

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