Add These Two Things to Your Job Hunt for a Better Job Fit

This past fall, my husband and I started talking about getting another dog for our family. It had been a year since we lost our beloved Toby, and the timing felt right to embark on another journey with a furry, four-legged family member. My husband began looking on a pet website when he came upon […]

Tips for Negotiating Salary

Negotiating is one of the most-dreaded parts of the job search. Even though it signifies that you have been made an offer, people often choke when it comes time to talk specifically about salary. Watch this amazing video by Ramit Sethi on how to negotiate salary well: I’m going to discuss the third tip in […]

Finding a Good Fit When Working with Job Search/Career Professionals

In yesterday’s blog review, I included a quote from Julie Walraven’s blog which read: “The best thing a job seeker can do is make a smart buying decision based on whose personality, knowledge base, and strategies fit their needs best. All of us care about our clients, you can choose which one of us is […]

Do You Come Recommended?

A recent tweet by @WisconsinSEO said that “78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.” That seems right when you think about it.  How often do you consult online reviews before making a purchase such as a car or a computer?  Are you more willing to go to a restaurant after a friend raves about the food? The goal […]

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