On the Job Hunt, There Are No Guarantees

Our coonhound, Graham, has been with us for two months now, and we are discovering that he has quite the personality. He is headstrong and is particularly vocal when he feels he deserves something (usually food-related). Graham is an explorer; he found our garage to be a particularly fun place with all sorts of interesting […]

5 Pointers to Avoid a “Groundhog Day” Career

Today, February 2, is Groundhog Day. The legend says that if a groundhog pops out of his hole and sees his shadow on this day, there will be six more weeks of winter; if he doesn’t, spring is around the corner. Folks here in the Midwest wait to see what Jimmy the Groundhog will predict. […]

5 Steps for Readjusting Goals to Fit Reality

The holidays are nearly over, and we are facing the end of 2011. Are you where you want to be professionally? That question may be a source of shame and frustration for some. You may have set goals, and subsequently, resolutions at the beginning of the year to achieve said goals. But things got in […]

Perception Doesn’t Always Match Reality

Last week marked the passing of our beloved dog of 12 years. It was very sad to realize at the start of last week that the time was quickly coming to make that “final visit” to the veterinarian. I have worrying tendencies, so I was concerned for my children all week long. Because he had […]

Discussing Salary: Dreams and Reality

You know you are going to have to talk about money at some point during the process (sometimes as early as when you are submitting application materials), but it always feels like an awkward dance where neither side wants to show too much for fear of exposing a vulnerability. As the job seeker, if you […]

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