07/16/2010 — Your Opinion on #FF

I’ve been doing #FollowFriday on The Job Quest for a few months now, and it’s been a pleasure to feature many fine folks here. But I’ve been wondering if it’s something relevant to you, my wonderful readers. I believe that every person I’ve recommended here is of great value, but is it something that benefits […]

Revisiting an Unanswered Question

A few months ago, I brought up a question regarding the continued recommendation to not include a picture with a résumé. The question still bugs me, so I’m going to bring it up again. I understand why the long-standing viewpoint has been to leave off the picture from a résumé. Prejudices based on appearance could […]

10 Ways to Mess Up an Interview

For your entertainment, here’s another take on how to answer interview questions you may face: 1.  “What’s your biggest mistake on the job?” Talk about the time that you removed a safety rail to retrieve an item you had dropped, resulting in you falling several feet.  Hey, it shows that you can think for yourself.  No […]

Who am I?

I read an interesting news bit a little while ago about an unemployed 19-year-old who was on eBay trying to sell the rights to rename him. His thinking was that a company could select a name, he would legally change it, and then the company would benefit from the fact that his name reflected a […]


Have you ever had one of those moments in a job interview when you realize that you offered much more information than was necessary? Maybe in response to the “Is relocation an issue?” question, you blurt out, “Oh, no! I’ll buy out the lease on my apartment. That’s not a problem!” Or, when queried about […]

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