The Reality of Hiring a Career Professional

Say you’ve been laid off for a while now and are just not getting many “bites” on your resume. Or you’ve decided, now that the economy is starting to pick up, you’ll see what opportunities are out there. Have you wondered if hiring a career coach, a resume writer, a career consultant, or an interview […]

Job Search Need Some GAS? Try Personal Branding

Is your job search puttering along like a beat up old car? Inject some personal branding strategies into the mix to give it some GAS—Generosity, Authenticity, and Synergy! G = Generosity One of the hallmarks of a good personal brand is the act of giving of oneself. As you network both online and offline, show […]

Showing Your Gratitude During the Job Search

Thank-you notes are a very important part of the job search and any other time when networking comes into play. And yet, the act of writing a letter of gratitude remains one of the most overlooked activities! You say you don’t have the time? Sorry, but writing a thank-you note is something that you make […]

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