When Should Career Management Start?

Over this past school year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to partner with a local library by meeting with their teen group. We’ve discussed résumés and will soon be getting into job interviews. Working with them, as well as thinking about my own young children, has caused me to reflect on the question posed […]

One Reason Change is Stressful (and How to Manage It)

Change is stressful. But why is that? One reason for the stress is because, so often, the response to change is reactionary. Something happens; we react, many times right away. The thing is — being reactionary is not a power position. It is a defensive action that puts you at a distinct disadvantage and has […]

Five Tips for a Strategic Job Hunt While Employed

Passive job hunting (looking for a job when employed) is a bit different than active job hunting (looking for a job when unemployed). Sure, many of the same tenets apply. You need: a well-crafted resume and cover letter to target your efforts to positions that are a good fit and companies that interest you to […]

How to: Overcome the Survival Job Blues

Think being unemployed is worse than having just any job? Not according to a study conducted by the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University. In this seven-year study, researchers found that “unemployed people typically felt calmer, happier, less depressed, and less anxious after they found a job, but only if they […]

Taking a Risk “Not a Cure-All”

Joe Sewell made a very astute comment on the post, Are You Letting Your Comfort Zone Limit You? He said: Just have to say that risk-taking and getting out of one’s comfort zone is not the cure-all people want it to be… Sometimes your ‘comfort zone’ exists to tell you that you’re where you need […]

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