Does Perception Trump All?

“Perception is truth.” Have you ever heard that saying? In reality, perception is one’s interpretation of truth, but how many times does that not matter? And how can that be detrimental to your job hunt, to your career, to you? Perception is truth… online In social media, perception is all that matters. Folks will make […]

Revisiting an Unanswered Question

A few months ago, I brought up a question regarding the continued recommendation to not include a picture with a résumé. The question still bugs me, so I’m going to bring it up again. I understand why the long-standing viewpoint has been to leave off the picture from a résumé. Prejudices based on appearance could […]

Going Back to the Old Ways?

Do you include your picture with your résumé? I know for some time now that the recommendation has been that job seekers should not include a picture or other personal information with their application materials (see this post on Clue Wagon as an example of what people who know the field say). I understand why, […]

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