How to Avoid Losing Out on a Job at the Interview Level

Earlier in August, the weather in south-central Wisconsin had cooled off enough that we turned of the A/C and threw open our windows. While the more comfortable temperatures were a welcome relief from this summer’s heat, we weren’t so thrilled that flies started to make their presence known inside our house. One day when my […]

The Right Way to Be Introspective on the Job Hunt

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.” ~Carl Jung Without a doubt, it’s important for job seekers to know themselves – what they like, what their aptitudes are, and so on. How else can you understand your own personal vision and find that good job fit if you […]

Employers Still Care About Cover Letters

I read something that contained a great deal of good advice until the subject of cover letters came up. The writer, based on her experiences when unemployed, proclaimed that “no one cares about cover letters.” The piece is aimed at young 20-somethings who are just finishing up college, people who are crazy busy with school, […]

The #1 Thing You Need to Do to Avoid Landing a Bad Job

You are unemployed and looking for that seemingly elusive opportunity. Or perhaps you are in a position that doesn’t fulfill you like it once did and you are really itching to change roles. In both situations, it may niggle at the back of your mind: “I just don’t want to get a job I hate.” […]

Three Ways to Make Obstacles Easier to Handle

You know what the hardest part of achieving a goal is? It’s not the planning. That’s actually one of the most enjoyable parts — with strategizing and the rush of enthusiasm that you feel at the start of any project, it’s amazing to feel all of the creativity flowing! And on paper, there is no […]

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