Regrowth and the Job Hunt

I have this plant in my house (have no idea of its name because I am horticulturally challenged) that has been really beautiful — big broad leaves of green and white, just full and lush. It was a little unruly as the stems grew and hung over the edges of the pot, but it was […]

Slow and Steady

Yesterday’s post featured a video from Chris Brogan that dispelled the myth that he is “lucky” to be in his position. He demonstrated very clearly that he works hard every day to earn the place he has in the business world. Resting on laurels is not an option. It’s not like his rise to his […]

What Children Can Teach Us About Career Management, Part 3

I’m continuing this series on lessons learned from children about the job hunt and career management. Parts One and Two can be found here and here. 6)  Children are tenacious. Granted, kids get a lot of encouragement from everyone when they are starting to walk or when they approximate words as their speech emerges. But […]

Perseverance Pays

Unless you have been completely disconnected from all media outlets in 2009, you have at least heard of Susan Boyle, the singing sensation to emerge from Britain’s Got Talent last spring. On Blue Skies Resumes Blog, Louise Fletcher talked about Susan’s success in terms of her meeting a need that the public has to champion […]

Words of Wisdom on Perseverance

Except for the very fortunate, the time from starting to look for a job to then landing one has lengthened considerably. Job searches that stretch out over weeks and months (sometimes even years) are commonplace. Despite the frustration that is felt with a long job hunt, you know that you have to keep going, you […]

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