Five Reasons to Interview for a Job, Even If You Are Not Sure

You’ve gotten a lead on a job that, a first blush, sounds perfect. But then you learn information about the company or the job itself that causes you to think again about how good that job may really be. Should you even bother submitting your résumé? I would encourage you to not mark the position […]

Is a Black Suit the Kiss of Death on an Interview?

In an interview prep session I had recently with a client, she asked me if it would be a problem if she wore a black suit to her upcoming interviews. I said, “That should be fine. Why do you ask?” She then told me about all the advice she had read online that strongly urged […]

The Top Way to Find Out What Will Add Value to Someone Else

The most common searches that lead folks to my blog oftentimes have something to do with “adding value.” They want to add value to their company, or add value to their network, or show on their résumé how they will add value to a prospective employer. If all goes well, adding value to someone else […]

Being Realistic When Working with Recruiters

On the Facebook page of The Job Quest, I posted a link to an article that talked about the fact that a recruiter is not on your “team” when you are looking for a job. One person commented: “[The recruiters] would bring me in to discuss a particular job and talk me up and tell […]

Does Perception Trump All?

“Perception is truth.” Have you ever heard that saying? In reality, perception is one’s interpretation of truth, but how many times does that not matter? And how can that be detrimental to your job hunt, to your career, to you? Perception is truth… online In social media, perception is all that matters. Folks will make […]

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