How Much Passion Do You Need?

Rich DeMatteo of Corn on the Job had a very insightful post last week that tempered the talk about “finding your passion” that seems to be popular among we career bloggers. I’ll admit it — I’m one who has written my fair share of posts extolling the virtues of having passion in your work. Rich […]

What Children Can Teach Us About Career Management, Part 1

Sometimes we make life harder than it needs to be. Perhaps keeping it simple and being more intuitive can put us on the right path for being successful. In being a mom, I have learned many lessons about the job search and career management through my children: 1) Kids are not afraid to ask for […]

Learning from Missteps

“This above all: to thine own self be true…” The above quote from Shakespeare is a good philosophy to keep in mind when considering job fit. Job fit is more than just being able to do the work, but to also have that excitement and satisfaction for what you do. At a time in life […]

Resource for Planning Your Job Search, Part 2

Yesterday’s post looked at some of the steps in Dave Carpenter’s 31-day plan for a great 2010 and how they can be applied to the job search. Today, we’re looking at more of the steps to see how they can improve on the process you are using to find your next position. Define the elements […]

Tell Your Story

“I’m not going to write a cover letter. Who needs that?” That sentiment is one that I’ve overheard some job seekers express during this recession. Inwardly, I thought, ‘How can you not include a cover letter?’ From the beginnings of my professional life, I have always sent a cover letter to differentiate myself from the […]

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