The First Rule of Social Media

I’m honored to have a guest post today by Jake LaCaze! Jake is a self-professed “Social Media Introvert” who takes on many different topics that have a lot of applications to managing one’s career. His post today on social media, an essential in today’s world, is no exception. So you’re thinking about making the dive […]

Networking: How to Engage People and Keep Them Excited

This recent video by Tom Peters is awesome in its simplicity for engaging people: If you are a job seeker, this is an important concept for you because you need to have an engaged network to have it truly working well for you. You want them to care about how things are going for you; […]

What Employers Want

This short article mentioned an interesting survey conducted on employers in Orange County, CA. Here’s a link directly to the survey: The 2010 Orange County Resume Survey Anything that can help you gain some “inside information” when job hunting is always a good thing. I encourage you to click on the above link to read […]

Opinions and Your Personal Brand

Conflicting opinions run rampant nowadays. Truthfully, they’ve always been there; however, with the ease of setting up online profiles on social media, there are many more of them that are actually heard. With so many voices, it can be hard to attract attention. One way to get people to take notice is to sink into […]

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