Employers Still Care About Cover Letters

I read something that contained a great deal of good advice until the subject of cover letters came up. The writer, based on her experiences when unemployed, proclaimed that “no one cares about cover letters.” The piece is aimed at young 20-somethings who are just finishing up college, people who are crazy busy with school, […]

Thoughts on the Perceived Need for a Degree

This post is one that has been slowly forming ever since Karen Burns wrote a post on the Working Girl blog entitled Is College Worth It? I love her post in that it doesn’t blindly accept that college is THE only route to success. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell are commonly referred to […]

The Small Stuff

Here’s this blog post — HR Weighs in on Resumes — that talks about what HR professionals love and hate about the résumés they are getting nowadays. Sounds like good stuff. And it is. Then I get to this bit of advice from one HR rep about what he finds rather irksome: “Why do people […]

Blog Review – The Clue Wagon

Here at the Job Quest, my goal is to help you get the best information possible to be successful in your job hunt. Because there are so many well-written blogs that dispense advice on the job search, I’ve decided to use this forum to periodically post a review. Here is the first review. Hope you […]

False Job References

There are companies that will (for a fee) pretend to be former employers and provide references? Seriously!? It was a long time before I could pick my jaw off my keyboard after reading about this. This is just unconscionable, unscrupulous, despicable… for both the companies that provides the service and the people who use them. […]

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