Measuring Job Hunt Success: The Unsolicited Call

While on Twitter last week, an interesting tweet by recruiter and social media strategist Steve Levy caught my eye: The first part of his tweet makes perfect sense and is something that I have talked about here, but the second part — the “unsolicited call” — intrigued me. So I asked Steve if he would […]

Quality vs. Quantity

Which is the better chocolate fix: a lot of whatever cheap stuff they have at the local grocery store, or a few decadent truffles from an amazing chocolatier like The Chocolate Garden?* A few sweet treats from The Chocolate Garden always trump anything else that I can get around town because the quality is so […]

When Technology Malfunctions…

Well, today Twitter’s gone wonky with everyone losing all their followers and the list of everyone they were following. (Not really — they were just fixing a bug that was discovered.) Twitter was all a-twitter about the sudden change. It reminded me of Ryan Rancatore’s post last week — in it, he asked, “What if […]

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