Successful People Are Just Lucky? I Don’t Buy It.

I read something that made me roll my eyes. It was the commencement speech of an author to the graduating class of an Ivy League school. What caused my reaction was this: the speaker simply told them that any success they had was largely due to luck. Seriously? His big advice wasn’t really advice at […]

05/21/2010 #FF — Has It Really Been Three Months?

My goodness — time sure flies when you are having fun! I have to say that it’s been awesome for me to be able to recognize so many wonderful folks on The Job Quest 🙂 Since it’s been three months since I started reserving my Friday post for #FollowFriday, I figured a recap was in […]

03/05/2010 #FF — People I Know Offline

Networking happens both online and offline, and both are very powerful ways to further you in your job search and career management efforts. I’m a big believer in taking an online connection offline whenever possible. When working with nonprofits, I saw the dramatic impact that connecting face-to-face had on the growth of volunteer programs I […]

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