So You Want to Become a Manager. Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Great One?

For some, but not all, moving into a management position is a natural evolution in one’s career. Maybe it comes from the feeling of wanting the challenge that comes from going to next level, or maybe you are thinking, “My boss is a jerk! I can do better than that guy (or gal)!” Regardless of […]

The Top Way to Find Out What Will Add Value to Someone Else

The most common searches that lead folks to my blog oftentimes have something to do with “adding value.” They want to add value to their company, or add value to their network, or show on their résumé how they will add value to a prospective employer. If all goes well, adding value to someone else […]

How to be Relevant (and Ensure You are on the Right Track)

rel·e·vant [rel-uh-vuhnt] adjective: bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark. (From I wanted to put that definition out there because, so often, folks equate relevancy with vast amounts of influence. But that’s not always the case. People can be relevant without having the level of influence that is […]

The Fine Art of Listening

Listening is a skill that is very important in most aspects of life. We listen to gain information, we listen to form friendships, we listen to show we care. Listening can be especially hard to do during the interview process. You’re nervous, you’ve got facts about the company and your stories about your past work […]

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