The Only Hard and Fast Rule in Resume Writing

There is only one concrete rule when it comes to writing résumés. Just one. Are you ready for this? OK, here’s the rule: If your résumé is generating interviews, you’re doing the right thing. That’s it — the big secret. “But wait a minute,” you may be protesting, “that doesn’t tell me how to write […]

Is the Season of Your Career Reflected in Your Resume?

We are only in March, and already we have busted out the shorts and sandals in the Cooley household. Because temperatures were hitting the 70s and 80s around the middle of the month, there were marathon sessions of trying on last year’s clothing to see what fits and what doesn’t. While my children take great […]

Is Your Résumé a Clunker?

Our new refrigerator was delivered yesterday, and it was definitely time for the change. The old unit had been in place before we bought our house eight years ago, and it was apparent back then that it was not a new appliance. And now, both the refrigerator and freezer doors sagged about a quarter-inch, the […]

Christmas Trees and Résumés

Last weekend, my family went to the tree farm to get our Christmas tree. When we brought it home, we found that it was too tall. So my husband took the tree into the garage and cut it down to size so that it would be the appropriate height. After getting the tree upright, it […]

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