Lessons from Coach Elliot Uzelac that Every Leader Should Learn

The Benton Harbor (MI) Tigers made headlines across the country during this past football season. They were featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Good Morning America for their historic run at the state playoffs. I first heard about this story from my sister, Louise Wrege. She is a reporter who covers news in the St. […]

How to Bridge an Employment Gap

Things have certainly changed a lot in terms of what is considered the norm with career paths: Staying with one company in a position that spans multiple decades is now the exception, not the rule. More folks are working on side gigs and other entrepreneurial endeavors. Trust between employer and employee has been declining. The […]

So You Want to Become a Manager. Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Great One?

For some, but not all, moving into a management position is a natural evolution in one’s career. Maybe it comes from the feeling of wanting the challenge that comes from going to next level, or maybe you are thinking, “My boss is a jerk! I can do better than that guy (or gal)!” Regardless of […]

Are You Lacking in Soft Skills? Build Them by Volunteering!

The need for employees with soft skills is regarded as a high priority in the workplace. A post on the Psychology Today website talked about appropriate ways to show “the interpersonal, emotional, persuasion, and political skills that leaders use to communicate to help teams and organizations achieve goals.” It’s hard to truly understand the applications […]

Divas, While Talented, Don’t Make Good Managers

I’ve talked before about it being perfectly acceptable if you would rather stay as a hands-on member of a team rather than assuming a leadership position at work. In that post I said: Being a manager is not a good fit for everyone. It really is not. And that’s not a bad thing — it […]

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