The Coolest Way on Earth to Say “No”

I recently ordered some items from a company. When it came in, I received all but one item. Instead I found a card; “You’re in good company,” it stated in big, bold letters at the top. I continued to read: “Thank you for your recent order. You obviously have great taste, because your item’s popularity […]

Inspired by Kindness

Yesterday was the #Kindness Party on Twitter, and I have to say — that was a major feel-good! All the wonderful things folks had to say about people in their lives and the kindness quotes that were tweeted were so uplifting. In case you didn’t get a chance to be a part of the festivities, […]

Kindness | A Hallmark of Personal Branding

When preparing your personal brand, you pay attention to all sorts of things that will make sure that you are conveying the right message about who you are and what you are about. During this process, have your given much thought to kindness? Kindness? Yes, kindness. I have talked before about generosity as a component […]

03/26/2010 #FF — Kind Tweeters

The people I’ve chosen for this week’s edition of The Job Quest #FollowFriday oftentimes will have tweets of support, either for job seekers/career changers or for their colleagues. They have always struck me as being very positive and dedicated to helping others with a kind word or a bit of advice. Definitely good follows! Heather […]

What Impression Do You Make?

Over the weekend, I read a very moving eulogy on BusinessWorks…, a blog written by Hal Alpiar. The tribute is to a gentleman named Butch Taras. While no picture was provided, I felt as though I could “see” Butch. Here’s a snippet of the description provided: “…Butch was a leader through and through because he […]

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