A Key Factor for Success

I read this quote recently: “Successful people are so busy getting things done that they don’t have time to make excuses.” And it saddened me. It saddened me because of the lack of empathy and the broad generalizations that it paints with its few words. The message it conveys is that, no matter your current […]

Job Loss Matters, But Does Not Equal Life Loss

I read a short excerpt from an interview of Grammy-nominated Christian singer, Steven Curtis Chapman. One of the topics discussed was the death of his five-year-old daughter two years ago. In answering a question about how the family is coping, Chapman replied: “It’s not the defining thing in our lives, but it has redefined us.” […]

Yes, It’s OK to Cry!

I read a post on job hunting and came across something in the comments that caught my attention. The post itself suggested that “It’s OK to cry” when frustrated during a job search, and here’s what a commenter said in response: It’s okay to do a lot of emotional things, but I would not put […]

Count Your Blessings

I had been writing something different to post today when I got the news: One of my husband’s high school friends passed away last Friday. How horribly sad… my heart just aches for the loss his family is experiencing. I went to the Internet to see what the arrangements were, and was stunned. A second […]

What’s Your Aha Moment?

Mutual of Omaha has been running a series of ads that feature people in various situations who have “aha” moments. One of commercials is about Chris, a man who experienced a life-altering event: No one can deny the severity of what happened to Chris. And yet, there he sat, talking in a very matter-of-fact way […]

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