04/02/2010 #FF — People I Like

So, I’m lacking in originality today in terms of a theme for this #FollowFriday. I just really like the people who I am featuring today. They are all great in their own rights, and I’m glad that I have gotten to know them through Twitter. You should get to know them, too. Karen Schaffer (@jobofyourlife) […]

A New Home (and a Giveaway!)

Hello, and welcome to my new home on the Internet! It’s still the same Job Quest that you knew on the other site, just spruced up a bit. If the posts here resonate with where you are in your life and you feel like your job search or career could use some guidance, contact me […]

Blog Review — JibberJobber Blog

Blog: JibberJobber Blog Author: Jason Alba Date Started: June 2006 Jason Alba is the creator of JibberJobber, which is a robust management tool for organizing contacts and documents related to the job search, as well as scheduling reminders for important follow-ups and other action items. And, at the regular membership, it’s FREE. The blog that […]

Wrap-Up of JibberJobber Giveaway

Congratulations to the following people who each won a three-month premium membership to JibberJobber as part of the JibberJobber Giveaway on The Job Quest: @brynalee Joseph Katucki @terrybean The good thing is: this contest is going to live on for a little bit longer! When I e-mailed Terry Bean to let him know that he […]

JibberJobber Giveaway

It’s been a while since there’s been a giveaway here at The Job Quest, so I think it’s high time to have another one. Today’s giveaway is: three (3) three-month premium memberships on JibberJobber, courtesy of its creator, Jason Alba! I have to say — Jason is a very generous, amazing person. My original idea […]

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