Is Your Campaign to Get a Job More Like a Slimy Sales Pitch?

“Sell yourself!” is advice that is often given to job seekers who want to know how to land the next job. To some extent that is true — there is a certain amount of hustle and self-promotion that is necessary in a successful job hunt. But I want you to consider the words of sales […]

Having a Little “Whine” with Your Job Search?

Being on a job hunt is tough stuff, regardless of whether it’s an active or passive job search. Some self-pity regarding the situation can creep in. I am all about supporting job seekers, but during these times, some tough love may be called for to get the job seeker out of a bad rut and […]

Lessons from Rejection

Rejection is something that goes hand-in-hand with having a career. It can be getting passed up for a job you applied to, losing out on that big promotion, having your proposal for the department shot down, or becoming unemployed (which isn’t always a rejection, but it feels like it is). Jeffrey Gitomer has some words […]

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