The First Rule of Social Media

I’m honored to have a guest post today by Jake LaCaze! Jake is a self-professed “Social Media Introvert” who takes on many different topics that have a lot of applications to managing one’s career. His post today on social media, an essential in today’s world, is no exception. So you’re thinking about making the dive […]

Diversifying Your Network of Supportive People

Jake LaCaze posted on Facebook this really interesting TED video by Derek Sivers: The concept put forth here is certainly thought-provoking. If a person is all talk and no action, that appears to prove the point that telling people your goals will make you less likely to actually carry them out. That doesn’t do you […]

06/18/2010 #FF — A Day Late

Yes, I do realize it’s Saturday and that #FollowFriday was yesterday. My apologies — the week got thrown a bit out of whack from the get-go due to an unexpected emergency with my son (he’s fine now, but it was more than a little nerve-wracking in the midst of it). My crazy week notwithstanding, I […]

Why the Constant Talk on Personal Branding?

As you may have noticed, personal branding gets talked about here on The Job Quest. A lot. In reading Personal Branding: 2000 Years Old, More Important Than Ever Before, the reason why it is such a frequent topic was brought into sharper focus for me. The author of the post, Jake LaCaze, made many significant […]

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