The Tragic Life of a Sycophant

There are many ways to advance a career. One of the not so savory ways that someone may try to get ahead is by being a sycophant (aka brown noser, yes man, butt kisser, suck up, lackey, as well as some of the other more colorful synonyms). This may seem like an ideal situation at […]

Consider the Long View to Determine Work-Life Balance

In reading an article about the recent passing of legendary news broadcaster Mike Wallace, I was struck by something that his son, Chris Wallace, said: “The interesting thing is, he never mentions ’60 Minutes.’ It’s as if it didn’t exist. It’s as if that part of his memory is completely gone. The only thing he […]

And You Are…?

Quick — finish this sentence: “I am _______________.” What was the first answer that popped into your mind? Your name? How you are feeling right at this moment? Your current or former job title? Some other aspect of your identity? Steven Nicholas Smith set out to find how people defined themselves in the following video: […]

Who am I?

I read an interesting news bit a little while ago about an unemployed 19-year-old who was on eBay trying to sell the rights to rename him. His thinking was that a company could select a name, he would legally change it, and then the company would benefit from the fact that his name reflected a […]

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