Signs You Have Hired a Great Career Professional

Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a career professional, but you keep hesitating because you wonder, “Is this really going to help? Am I going to get suckered?” It’s an unfortunate reality that some folks who seek out help end up getting a raw deal. Of course, this happens in pretty much all industries, and it’s […]

How to: Indicate an Upcoming Move on a Resume and LinkedIn

A reader writes in: Later this spring, I will be relocating. Would I be dishonest to potential recruiters and hiring managers if I change my location to where I am possibly relocating to? That is a great question — one that I didn’t find a lot of answers to when I did a Google search. […]

What is Truth?

While they say that the economy is slowly starting to get back on track, the fact remains that unemployment is still very high. Combined with the prospect of being jobless in 2010, it can lead some to feel desperate to do whatever it takes to get a job, including lying on their résumés. A while […]

False Job References

There are companies that will (for a fee) pretend to be former employers and provide references? Seriously!? It was a long time before I could pick my jaw off my keyboard after reading about this. This is just unconscionable, unscrupulous, despicable… for both the companies that provides the service and the people who use them. […]

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