Nine Do’s for Friends and Family

When a close friend or loved one becomes unemployed, it’s hard to know what to say or do. Even after my husband and I started telling friends and family about our circumstances when we were going through it, things felt strained with other people. If you know someone who is “in transition,” here are some […]

Networking with Casual Connections

The following question was posed on Twitter: Any tips on networking with loose acquaintances? Don’t want to come across as needy or seeking something without providing. The fact that you don’t want to seem like you are being opportunistic is very good. Whether a person is someone you are close with or a more casual […]

Wrap-Up of JibberJobber Giveaway

Congratulations to the following people who each won a three-month premium membership to JibberJobber as part of the JibberJobber Giveaway on The Job Quest: @brynalee Joseph Katucki @terrybean The good thing is: this contest is going to live on for a little bit longer! When I e-mailed Terry Bean to let him know that he […]

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