Personal Branding and Hard Work: Complementary Efforts to Success

There was a short article on AOL Jobs that quoted writer and director Spike Lee on his take on personal branding. “‘Too many people are focused on building their brand and not their work,’ [Lee] said, when asked how he’d developed his own iconic brand. ‘Brand is the flash. Work is the substance.’” Lee makes […]

A Story of Inspiration and Hope

In many ways, Bill Westerman is like many other people who go through a mid-life career change – he started back to school in his 30s, has dedicated himself to his studies in his new field, and is set to graduate in December of this year. But he’s taken a rather roundabout path to the […]

The Best Don’t Always Win — But They Eventually Will

Last year, there were two interesting articles about the wireless provider T-Mobile. One was from May 2010 and proclaimed in its title, “T-Mobile and Verizon Most Satisfied American Wireless, Sprint Most Improved, Says ACSI.” It starts off like this: “According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, customer satisfaction with wireless telephone service sets a new […]

Abandon These 10 Bad Habits

In reading 50 Things You Need to Give Up Today, I found many of them can impact the health of your job search and career. I’ll highlight ten of them that I think are particularly important for you to abandon: “Give up trying to be perfect.” We all know that nobody’s perfect, and yet we […]

No Such Thing

A while back on Twitter, I read this tweet from Mark Oakes: “There’s no such thing as a ‘natural’. It takes hard work to get good and even more to get great.” I agree with that. While I do believe a person has natural aptitude in this area or that, you are only going to […]

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