Answering the Interview Question that is REALLY Being Asked

One recent morning, one of my children had this conversation with me: Dear Child (DC): “Mom, what is the temperature and what’s the high for the day?” Me: “Ummmm, it’s 34 degrees, and the high will be 48.” DC: “So should I wear a winter coat or a spring jacket?” All parents who have faced […]

Dispelling Bad Job Interview Advice, Part 1

I recently saw an infographic about common interview questions and short suggestions on how to answer them. Some of it was good basic information. For example, when the interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself,” the infographic recommended keeping your answer to things related to work. That’s smart because what the person in front of you […]

Taking on the “Greatest Weakness” Question (Perspective #3)

This week, I started a little series here on The Job Quest that analyzed the oft-asked question: “What is your greatest weakness?” I’ve been fortunate to have a great group of HR pros give their opinions about the question and lend their expertise to help job seekers answer it well. Jonathan Krass kicked things off […]

Taking on the “Greatest Weakness” Question (Perspective #2)

Yesterday, Jonathan Krass gave HR’s take on the “greatest weakness” question that strikes fear in the hearts of job seekers everywhere! But does every HR person have the same opinion? We’ll find out — giving his point of view on the same question is HR pro Bob Tarver! Why is the question of the greatest […]

Taking on the “Greatest Weakness” Question (Perspective #1)

One of the most dreaded questions in a job interview is “What is your greatest weakness?” To gain some perspective on it, I turned to some HR pros! Today’s commentary on the this question is Jonathan Krass. One of the best questions an interviewer can ask is “What’s your greatest weakness?” Anybody can talk about […]

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