Should You Always Follow Through on Goals?

Over on the JibberJobber blog, Jason Alba talks about a goal that he had set to walk 500 miles in 2010. But he had some setbacks that affected his progress toward that goal, and he ultimately fell short. Is that really a failure? If you just look just strictly at the fact that he made […]

Not a New Year’s Resolution — a New Life Resolution!

A great post by career/business consultant and certified life coach Phyllis Mufson said that people usually keep their New Year’s resolutions for only 12 days. Wow — 12 days! That’s… really sad. I mean, what’s the point of pinning all our hopes for change on something we’re only going to stick with it for less […]

Diversifying Your Network of Supportive People

Jake LaCaze posted on Facebook this really interesting TED video by Derek Sivers: The concept put forth here is certainly thought-provoking. If a person is all talk and no action, that appears to prove the point that telling people your goals will make you less likely to actually carry them out. That doesn’t do you […]

Are You a Tool?

Just so everyone is clear — I’m not talking about the slang use of “tool”. I’m referring to one of the more traditional usages of tool as defined in “anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose” In your job search and career, you want to be considered a tool — […]

Change is Everywhere, So Bring It to Your Job Goals, Too

A recent search that led someone to The Job Quest was: “Why should you keep reviewing and changing your job goals?” First off, I’m glad that the person realized that it is important to review job goals and make adjustments when necessary. As for the why, let’s see now… Job duties change Management changes Policies […]

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