20 Ways to Handle Rejection

I am honored today to have a guest post by none other than Working Girl (aka author Karen Burns)! She shares with us 20 great tips on how to deal with the rejection that is a common part of the job hunt. Thanks, Karen! Looking for a job is a challenge, in so many ways. […]

Survivor’s Guilt

“Why is it when you get laid off and you run into certain people who you used to work with they can not look you in the eye or want to avoid talking to you? I recently saw someone I used to work with and they avoided me like the plague….” This was a Facebook […]

Plan B

Life is just fraught with inconveniences, obstacles, problems.  Whatever you call ’em, they just keep things from flowing smoothly! If you are in the midst of a job search right now, other issues that come up can seem magnified because you feel like you don’t have the time to deal with them.  You’ve got to […]

Back Up!

It is very understandable to become consumed with researching companies, crafting cover letters, tweaking résumés, and conducting mock interviews while on a job hunt. Don’t neglect one basic activity that can help keep your job search humming along with little inconvenience: Back up your data! Computers are wonderful devices, but I’m sure we all have […]

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